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        Active Ingredients


        Hydrolyzed Collagen

        Name: Hydrolyzed collagen
        Origin: Animal
        Spec: 95% Protein
        Appearance: white powder
        MW: Less 1000D

        Make-up and skin-caring: The natural moisture-keeping factors contained in this product have the functions on humidity-keeping, wrinkle preventing and nutrition supplying to human bodies, able to make the skin more delicate, lustrous and flexible. Therefore, this product is a sort of high quality material for face, also a high quality raw material for advanced moisturizing cream and cleansing milk. Meanwhile, it can be used in shampoo, hair care cream, and bath foam.

        Medical care product: With the functions of adjusting metabolism, discharging the waste in human bodies, invigorating the spleen and preventing senescence, it is particularly suitable for the growth of children and nutrition supplement for middle aged and elderly people. Therefore, it is popular as a drug and health caring product.

        Food: The product can be added to bread, cakes and different varieties of refreshments to improve their nutrition structure. Nutritious jelly produced by its liquid product is extremely effective to children and valetudinarianism as well those weak in dyspepsia. It can also be added to beverage as protein supplement to make the bodies stronger.

        Package: 1KG/bag 25KG/durm

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